Grown Ups

Adam Sandler wrote a movie. He stars in that movie with Chris Rock (Head of State), Kevin James (Paul Blart), David Spade (Joe Dirt), and Rob Schneider (Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb).

It is about a group of middle-aged men who have fun together. Many people liked the movie and took their kids to see it.

The sequel was so successful, it spawned a podcast dedicated to watching it once a week for a whole year.


Free Willy

If Rocky is considered the blueprint of the underdog sports drama, then Free Willy is the recognised floor plan to the kid-bonds-with-a-troubled-animal films of the ‘90s.

Following a bright-eyed boy and his friendship with a gigantic endangered mammal, the movie knew exactly how to capture youngsters with the idea that having a trained killer whale would be the most awesome thing ever. Those kids would then grow up and watch Blackfish.



Way before Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard kept getting mistaken for one another, Hollywood's original redhead was a lil' orphan with a heart of gold, a winning smile, and a cute-as-all-get-out mutt.

As if being stuck in an orphanage run by a cruel matron wasn’t bad enough, the film's also set during The Great Depression, so Annie's hopes are slim until a billionaire plucks her from her miserable setting and introduces Annie to the life of the 1%.

While Wall Street might not get occupied, like it or not the film’s songs (taken from the Tony-award- winning musical) may permanently lodge themselves in your noggin.