Mary Poppins

It’s easy to see why Mary Poppins is regarded as a family-friendly classic. It spawned an Oscar-nominated movie about the MAKING OF the movie (Saving Mr. Banks).

It's also a totem pole of cinematic joy held up by a sugary performance from Julie Andrews, masterful clowning by the one and only Dick Van Dyke, a collection of immortal musical numbers, and ground-breaking sequences that combine live-action with Disney animation.


Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

What kid can’t relate to a tale of some whiny brat finding out they’ve got a vital role to play in the future of the galaxy? Luke Skywalker turned out alright eventually, we suppose, but Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru may have considered death a blessing after all the complaining they probably endured over the years.

George Lucas might reckon they got off easily in comparison to how his fan-base treated him, but then again that’s his fault for setting their imaginations ablaze with this fantastic film that keeps winning over newcomers - and will continue to, thanks to The Force Awakens.