In an age where dinosaur theme parks and skydiving cars rule theatres across the globe, seeing Casablanca on this list reminds us that beautiful screenwriting is still appreciated. There’s an immortality to the script, every line brewing with wit, character, and subtext. From the “beginning of a beautiful friendship,” to the slyest of retorts (“I was misinformed,”), this is a piercing sword of cinema hammered by wordsmiths.


2001: A Space Odyssey

Now approaching the age of fifty, the reputation of Stanley Kubrick’s voyage into the past, our solar system and the human psyche only continues to strengthen. Untarnished by countless imitators and parodies, 2001 continues to resonate thanks to vastly influential production design, our distrust of machine intelligence, and an impactful climax that maximises cinema’s ability to communicate non-verbally, even subconsciously.